Ontario Roads - Red Hill Valley Pkwy.

Red Hill Valley Parkway

One SB, one NB, and one on a side street (Queenston Rd. WB). This is a city-maintained freeway, with the Hamilton "H" featuring prominently in the center and the name tinily compressed above it so that it doesn't come out in any of my photos. (Though the snowy weather had something to do with that, too.)

A SB exit where it's clear that arrows are different in Ontario than the United States. The advance sign only shows one through arrow when there are two lanes, typical practice in Ontario but misleading for drivers who think that the main road heads to the right and the exit's on the left. The exit sign has black arrows on a yellow background, suggesting both lanes "Exit Only" (and validating two lanes right-one lane left) for those who grew up stateside. However, black arrows are standard for exits whether the lane is dedicated or split.

NB signs at the end of the Parkway. Apparently the bridge only ices in snow, hail, and Cocoa Puffs. Also, the designer of the overhead sign was having an off day when applying the lane lines to the Niagara-bound exit ramp.

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