Ontario Roads - Highway 60

Highway 60

EB at Bruce St., Renfrew CR 20. Click the second photo for a closeup of the crackled 60 shield.

CR 20 SB with a new-style arrow below that I wouldn't ascribe to provincial provenance.

EB in downtown Renfrew. It's easy to spot the old shield in the first photo, but the second one has one too.

Highway 132 SB from there, and turned around for the End shield across the intersection in the old cut-corner font.

Top and bottom of the Highway 132 NB assembly on the near side of the intersection. Because why bother shrinking the photo to fit them both in one?

Looking west from Highway 132 at the former railroad crossing. It's now paved over smoothly but obviously, but the old signal poles have yet to be removed. There is a hanging arm with a pair of bagged signals on it, and I bet that used to wigwag when a train came. (Wigwag signals are a very old style that used to have a single flashing light inside a swinging black on white circular "+" sign, the forebear of the modern railroad crossing sign. There also wigwag variants with STOP signs, such as one that has been preserved in Barnet, VT, but I've never seen one with regular signals on the end. But if it swings back and forth, it's a wigwag, and there are almost none left in the wild.)

Last sign in the area, another old Highway 132 shield in the WB direction.

Now a trip through some historic Renfrew buildings.

Canada uses "Railway" instead of "Railroad." Getting past that, this sign is still old, as you can tell because a) the sign arms aren't at 90 degrees, b) it's an old font (check out the 'R's), and, last but not least, c) Ontario now uses the Canadian standard red-outlined white X with no words. This relic is posted by a non-descript rail car (visible in the background) at the east end of Highway 60, the gateway to Renfrew for traffic from Ottawa and the east.

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