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SB at the end of the highway in Port Colborne. Merritt Parkway makes a surprise guest appearance from Connecticut. Although both Highway 3 and RR 3 are signed in either direction at the end, the shields are technically correct - the provincially maintained Highway resumes on either side of Port Colborne, one of the stranger small sections to have downloaded to regional control. Highway 58 is still provincially maintained here, though, so there's no excuse for the miniature East/West arrows.

Most of former Highway 58 in the Welland area has been moved onto several other pages as linked at the bottom of this one. However, I only have this one photo from RR 50, Niagara St., SB at Woodlawn Rd. Highway 140 is a slightly faster way south to Port Colborne, but unless one is heading east, the time lost by heading east negates the time saved by the faster road. It's a little less strange that Highway 58 was downloaded through Welland than Highway 3 being downloaded in Port Colborne, because Highway 406 makes so much more sense for north-south travel. The decommissioned part of 58, from south to north, angles west from downtown Welland, then turns east on Thorold Rd. (instead of cutting up 1st Ave., which would make sense), then north on Niagara St., east on Merritt Rd., and north on the 406. If Highway 58 simply turned right on Main St. and left on the 406, it may never have been decommissioned. Oh, yeah, then Highway 58 headed east on Lundy's Lane to meet the current highway, only to come back west in Thorold to the 406 once again.

Skipping the former highway, these are SB at the end of the northern section of Highway 58. The King's Highway and Regional Road shields appear to be interchangeable, but the correct assembly is the second one - if Highway 20 actually went west back toward the 406, then there would have been no need to download Highway 58 and use "TO" trailblazers. I'm worried for the future of the blue Niagara RR shields because these examples signify a change to the same style every other region uses, which is definitely not to be encouraged in the name of appreciating style. The rest of RR 20 to the west was once all part of Highway 20.

Thorold Stone Rd. (RR 57) WB at Highway 58, mixing the crown-top shield with the all-crown shield in one assembly.

Highway 58 SB at the same point. So much detail has been lost from the shields in the transition to the one-piece assembly. It's truly a shame, and unfortunately is likely the future of signage.

NB at and SB through the Thorold Tunnel. Click to watch the SB video.

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