Ontario Roads - Highway 427

Highway 427

This is the B.A.P.S. Swaminarayan Sanstha in Toronto (Clairville). It's a Hindu temple on the east side of the 427. Trust me, it's not worth expanding B.A.P.S.

The sign on the left is bilingual because it's within the "bilingual service area" of Toronto, as Scott Steeves informs me. Okay, so then why doesn't the ETR have to obey the same rules? Do the French speakers deserve to pay more? The sign on the right is only blue because it's for the only toll road in Ontario. Blue signs are also used on the outside of the Highway 401 express/local setup so that approaching traffic knows which signs pertain to their lanes.

The unusually shaped 407 ETR/Highway 427 interchange viewed from the north. While this avoids an eastbound weave on the 407, a forward curved ramp would also fit and be less weird. Possibly better radii as well.

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