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Highway 406

Should be obvious where these are. White is used for reassurance markers, green for trailblazers. The southern part of the peninsula has enough French influence to warrant bilingualism, but not the northern part.

SB at RR 27, Main St. in Welland and the current end of the freeway. Highway 140 is its spiritual successor continuing the unimpeded ride to Port Colborne, but in order to get between the two, one faces the impedance of a traffic signal and the RR 27 tunnel under Welland Canal (featured on my Niagara Region page, linked at bottom). There is an eventual plan to extend the 406 over or under Welland Canal to tie into Highway 140 (not yet worthy of being "the 140"), but the more immediate plan would potentially be a step back by creating a roundabout at RR 27. The only way to get by that obstacle would be to start the extension well north of the roundabout and leave the end of the current highway as a long exit ramp.

Widening from Merritt Rd. (RR 37) southward, to convert some more of the 406 from two lanes to four and add a new interchange. Clearly, the 400 freeway system is not held to Interstate standards, but most of it comes closer than two lanes with traffic lights, so it's good to see this progress taking shape.

From RR 20 (former Highway 20, still current Highway 20 farther east) to RR 37 (future interchange seen in the latter photos), Highway 406 is signed "TO 58," and that's because until Highway 58 was decommissioned in the Welland area in 1997, 20 to 406 to 37 was part of its route. The cutoff point at Highway 20 is rather arbitrary, and I could see the joint 20-58 route being truncated back to Thorold Tunnel.

Heading southward alongside 12 Mile Creek. Saint Paul St./RR 81 passes overhead without an interchange and RR 91 gets some old signs on its ramp. The last photo is a railroad bridge before Glendale Ave. (RR 89).

Courtesy Doug Kerr, cool NB gantry, but miserable exit signage. No, RR 77 is not a left exit. No, all roads do not lead to Fourth Avenue. In fact, this is Ontario's way of saying that the two right lanes exit... it might help if the name of the exit were on the right of the arrows, since the little straight stub can be confusing. In the states, of course, you'd see an EXIT ONLY over the right lane with an arrow over the left, or at least a better diagrammatic than this.

SB at that same RR 77 and looking up the ramp. I believe D-1 was a detour for the QEW while it was under construction.

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