Ontario Roads - Highway 403/QEW

Highway 403 and the 403/Queen Elizabeth Way

EB under a skewed railroad nearing Exit 33 in Brantford.

EB at the QEW where Highway 407 begins, third photo courtesy Geoffrey Hatchard and submitted by Doug Kerr. The 407 is the Express Toll Route, a good way to avoid Ontario traffic (Highway 401 in Toronto is the widest highway in North America, at up to 20 lanes, and even that's not enough), but you have to have the right transponder. Ontario is nice about it though - if you're missing the tag or it doesn't register, they'll send a bill later on. Notice that there seems to be second border on the right of the ETR 407 sign for no apparent reason. Incidentally, Highways 403 and 407 meet again east of here in Mississauga after the eastern QEW/403 split.

WB on the 403/QEW (or Toronto-bound by QEW standards) through a median reconstruction zone. I'd like to see the orange stripes tested here in the US.

WB (looking south) through burgeoning Mississauga. The Coke-bottle buildings are the Absolute Towers. Each floor is the same shape, rotated around the central axis.

Onto the QEW alone

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