Ontario Roads - Highway 401 - W. of Whitby

west of Whitby

As of 2014, Highway 401 has a unique beginning: at a roundabout that will become part of Exit 10, remodeled from what was there before and just before extension west toward the U.S. Photos start east and pivot toward the west where the new highway is being constructed to tie into my current ramp. Meanwhile, both EB and WB mainline traffic is squeezed into the single future EB onramp - the WB one is still under construction.

Once I get out of construction, the highway is boring for awhile. The overpasses are at Highway 4 (Exit 177), Glanworth Rd., and Westminster Dr., whose original arched concrete was just torn down when I got there in August 2014.

EB past the end of Highway 402. The overpass is for Dorchester Rd. and may be on its way out as one of the last of its kind in the area. As for Sweaburg Rd., it would be nice if there were a "230" tab for the exit number, and the county name isn't typically shown on highway signs. (It's not unheard of, as you'll see in the very next photo.) Scott Steeves explains that exit tabs aren't used at the exit direction sign, which I disapprove of, and that the county name is typically signed in the eastern region of the MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) but not elsewhere, which I also disapprove of. In this case, it just gets in the way of reading the number.

The top of EB Exit 232 features arrows from the King's Highway day but post-1998 shields missing the Oxford County name.

More old things heading east: Oxford CR 29 (Exit 250), reconstruction of Fountain St. in Cambridge, and an MG at the ONRoute Cambridge South.

The next EB overpasses are Puslinch Connector 10 (Watson Rd.), Halton RR 22 (Tremaine Rd.), and Halton RR 25 (Martin Rd.). Keep those, replace the sign.

WB near Pearson Airport at Exit 352. You can see what a versatile VMS this is.

The highway through Toronto is in a designated bilingual area, so it is also the Autoroute of Heroes.

A spur track crosses Highway 401 EB to merge into the mainline, which then comes to the Pickering GO Station in the latter 3 photos.

A plurality of eastward and northward views of the new Highway 412 being constructed at its southern terminal interchange with Highway 401. The 401 will soon be realigned to the north to make room for the EB ramps to this toll link to the extended Highway 407 that opened in 2016. The first bridge is extending Durham RR 23 over the northwest side of the interchange. I then come to the centerpiece, the tall piers that will support the wye ramps between Highways 401 and 412. The last few photos show the SB-EB ramp merging into the future Highway 401, which will still be on the left side of it before transitioning back south to the current alignment. Bonus points for the random drum on the random pier.

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