Ontario Roads - Hwy. 3 - Hwy. 401 construction

Highway 3 at Highway 401 construction

Photos follow my drive along Highway 3 EB.

As Highway 3 leaves the E.C. Row Expwy. interchange, it picks up the future alignment of Highway 401's westward extension to the United States.

Panning from right (north) to left at a convenient pullout next to the 401.

I think this faces a temporary routing of Lambton St. EB as the permanent bridge is built.

This angled crossing of the 401 will carry Highway 3 EB in the future as it crosses the 401 twice to facilitate interchange ramps connecting Highway 401 to E.C. Row Expwy.

There are 11 cut-and-cover tunnels along the new Highway 401. This third one will carry the future Lambton St.

Views of tunnels 4 and 5, the latter over Highway 401 EB Exit 6 to CR 6/Todd Ln./Cabana Rd.

Tunnel 5 is an interesting one. Highway 401 will use the two bays to the right and Highway 3 will use the one next to them, reverting its current alignment to parkland and slope. The leftmost bay will be a flyunder ramp from Highway 3 WB to Highway 401 WB.

Continuing southeast to the Cabana Rd. bridge (tunnel 6) and a look back at the east portal of tunnel 5. Note that this is my numbering, not official.

I think the second photo is looking west across Highway 401 at the future WB Exit 6 junction with CR 6.

This is the future Exit 7 onramp past Huron Church Line Rd., conveniently CR 7. These are the only two exits that match the county road number. It looks very inviting to the casual explorer.

The next highway crossover is already complete and Highway 3 crosses the future Highway 401 west of tunnel 8. It seems to facilitate the freeway ramps for Sandwich Pkwy./Cousineau Rd.

Either side of tunnel 8, the driveway to St. Clair College.

Tunnel 9, Sandwich Pkwy./Cousineau Rd.

Under the other tunnel that pulls Highway 3 down with Highway 401, then to another entrance ramp that looks even more inviting than the last.

The last of the tunnels is a trail crossing just west of CR 9 (third photo, Howard Ave.). The headlights look like eyes. Evil, beastly eyes.

Looking south along Howard Ave. and trail construction.

I just crossed CR 9, so what's CR 9 doing here? It appears that it now multiplexes east to the new roundabout connector at Highway 401 Exit 10, but the old road is a more direct route south. You can see the EB Exit 10 ramp join Highway 3 just before the roundabout.

Westward photos toward Howard Ave. as I cross Highway 401 once more.

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