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Highway 16

SB views of the Prescott-Ogdensburg International Bridge and the new Customs station being constructed on this approach. For whatever reason, Highway 16 ends at its historic Highway 2 terminus, despite this no longer being Highway 2, instead of turning onto the bridge to end at the border and become NY 812. Unlike most cases where a short rerouting would avoid a dangling end, there's no reason not to do it because the bridge is Federally maintained, so Ontario wouldn't have to take on any new stretch of road.

Typical Emergency Detour Route signs at old Highway 2. (The continuity of 2 makes it an easy candidate for a detour route.) What's odd here is that the right turn is signed at the end of Highway 16, even though it already left via a channelized turn at the first sign.

A NB view of Customs construction a year later in 2012, courtesy Carl Tessier.

NB (first 2) and SB (last 2) at the entrance to the bridge. It's signed "NY 37 to U.S.A.," but more accurate would be "NY 812 to NY 37/U.S.A." Commendation for the correct NY shield, but demerit for the strange SB ramp speed signage.

Cedar Grove Rd. EB at Highway 16, which also heads to the left but then merges into Highway 416 after a long ramp.

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