Ontario Roads - Highway 11B, Atikokan

Highway 11B and Atikokan

I'm pretty sure the top shield should be the pointed variety instead of a crown, but that rule was made to be broken.

NB photos from this Highway 11B (there's another through Cobalt near Québec). The first looks north at the CN line (Ontario and Rainy River Railway) through Atikokan.

Highway 11B ends just west of the Highway 622 junction. Why the whole thing can't be 622 is beyond me. Does Atikokan have that much sway? Anyway, these are WB (at O'Brien St.) and EB on the western continuation of Highway 11B, Mackenzie Ave. There is no "exit" to the hospital, but the "1 km" patch raises a question - what's underneath? It doesn't seem 40 years old to be pre-metric. Did the hospital move?

Former signs at a former motel. Worth the detour if it hasn't been razed by now.

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