Ontario Roads - Old Highway 6, Caledonia

Old Highway 6, Caledonia

The only photo not by the old bridge, the southern end of former 6 at current 6.

A couple of items on the north side of the bridge.

Another view of the former toll house.

Looking east at the bridge from the north shore of the Grand River.

Still on the north shore, looking south from various angles (including under). The weight limit sign could be original to metrication, replacing a nearly identical one in (Imperial) tons.

Starting my walk southward on the NB sidewalk.

Views of the Grand River to the east.

Crossing over and taking some photos to the west.

One northward view back toward Caledonia. You can see how there's been a lot of concrete repair and replacement to keep the old bridge up - certainly better than building a new one.

Atop this arch on the NB side is what appears to be an original light pole, possibly with a gas lamp on top (no way to prove if there is an electrical connection inside the arch).

More old Highway 6 on Upper James St./Claremont Access, Hamilton

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