Ontario Roads - Old TCH 17, W. Ottawa

Former Highway 17, western Ottawa

Carling Ave. EB after Herzberg Rd. There's a whole lot of nothing on the upcoming straightaway.

Continuing on Carling through the elongated split interchange with Highway 417, there are old signs to the left and overhead. Ontario doesn't do trapezoidal signs anymore, and this wooden one makes it seem like Highway 417 heads north. It also doesn't specify what Kirkwood is (an Av./Ave.), which is the old Ottawa practice. The overhead sign is similarly old, featuring the classic cut-corner font.

Old WB trailblazers approaching the same interchange, also featuring the old font.

Former Highway 17 turns from the end of Carling Ave. onto Bronson Ave., and then bears right on Chamberlain Ave., the EB frontage road for Highway 417. That's where you'll find these additional old assemblies, one on the left and one on the right. The beauty of the left one is that it still has half of the Highway 17 trailblazing assembly. Even after it was decommissioned through the heart of Ottawa, Highway 17 still came out of 417 on the east side and ran along the shore, but in 1998 that became a set of regional/county roads despite being a useful, separate highway from 417.

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