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Niagara Region

Highway 405 isn't the shortest 400-series freeway in Ontario, just the least interesting, which is why I don't have a separate page for it. That could be by design, a way for people who just need to go between New York and Ontario without dealing with Niagara Falls.

RR 27 heading east from Highway 406 to Highway 140. Between the two of those highways, you have a nearly continuous expressway from the top to the bottom of the peninsula, except for this little connection under Welland Canal. There are plans to continue Highway 406 with its own canal crossing (likely a tunnel, due to the required height to bridge the canal without a draw span), but there are also plans to convert its current end at RR 27 into a roundabout, which gets in the way of a future extension.

Into the RR 27 tunnel, or at least, into the bottom. I wonder what the top tubes are for. Airplanes that don't want to make the clearance above? Batmobiles? Large moles? Voles? Mole men? Vole men? DeLoreans? Hoverboards?

RR 45 eastbound in Oswego Park. Niagara Region may be starting to get away from these rounded blue markers in favor of the standard pointy white ones, losing all of the character these impart. The city of Hamilton at least still uses the blue color.

Parked along the Welland Canal at the southern end of Welland St. in Port Colborne, facing south at Clarence St. and north from there along the canal. Welland St. was once RR 68, back before Ontario gave back a good amount of King's Highway mileage to the regions, counties, and cities. With extra sections of highway like 55 and 3 to deal with, who can blame the Niagara Region for dropping some other sections to the towns?

Niagara RR 3A, Mellanby Avenue
Niagara-Hamilton RR 20
Niagara RR 27
Niagara RR 37, Merritt Road
Niagara RR 54
Niagara RR 55, former Highway 55
Niagara RR 87, Lakeshore Road
Niagara RR 89, Glendale Avenue
Niagara RR 124, Central Avenue
Highway and Niagara RR 3
Highway 58
Highway 58A
Highway 406
Highway 420
Queen Elizabeth Way
Niagara River Parkway
Welland Canal Parkway
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