Ontario Roads - Lincoln M. Alexander Pkwy.

Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway
Or as they would want me to say, "The Linc"

All photos taken WB except one you won't notice.

Right away, notice something interesting about the distances. If you're thinking it has to do with the unusual precision of the decimal, you're on the right track. While not perfect, 1.7 km is just over 1 mile and 3.3 km is just over 2 miles. In other words, Canada was laid out in Imperial units and only recently (1970s) switched to metric. This is a new highway (1997), so it's not that the exits were laid out per mile, just that the street grid is set up that way.

The EB photo sneaks in here, but thanks to the snow you can't really tell. "The Linc" is indeed used locally, but these signs give me the impression the government did what it could to encourage that nickname rather than let other ones potentially take root.

Upper James St. is former Highway 6, and you see a blank where the shield would have been in the first photo. After the Linc opened (see, I used it), Hamilton wanted Highway 6 to head over to the 403 via the Linc, but with the Linc being municipally maintained, Ontario didn't like the idea and ended up building a new alignment south of Munro International Airport. That could be why there's a Highway 6 shield free-standing above the Highway 403 LGS, actually conceived as a reassurance marker instead of a trailblazer. Now how did the "km/h" end up on the same assembly?

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