Ontario Roads - Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

Lakeshore Road, Burlington

WB by Lakeshore Public School. The white on blue sign looks fairly new but is of an outdated style. "Flashing Zone Ends" is just odd terminology to me. I almost feel like I should have been flashing - but I'm not 40.

Looking south from the Burlington lake shore (Lakeshore Road, funny, that) at the Burlington Bay Skyway (QEW) and Burlington Bay Lift Bridge (Beach Blvd., the continuation of Lakeshore Rd.).

SB to the northern half of the Lakeshore Rd./Skyway interchange. It's clear from underneath that the Toronto-bound lanes are the original (1958) side of the Skyway, which was widened in 1985 from one to two four-lane bridges.

Looking north as I cross under the Skyway at the interchange.

Back under the Skyway, about to hit the lift bridge. It was a straight shot from Lakeshore Drive into Beach Blvd. (across the Lift Bridge) until the Skyway was constructed, at which point the convenience of Skyway access at the new interchange overrode the continuity of local traffic. That's because the Skyway is subject to closure in high winds, at which point all traffic comes down through the Lift Bridge and back up again. If that sounds absolutely horrible for traffic, it would only be worse if there were no interchange here.

SB across the bridge, or using QEW directions, Niagara-bound.

Right up against the east side of the Skyway bridge, from both sides of Burlington Canal.

Looking north and east at the Lift Bridge from the little parking lot by the Burlington Canal Main Lighthouse, built in 1858. The lighthouse, invisible from the QEW to 99.9% of passing traffic (especially tourists), sits vacant now, but efforts are underway to get historic preservation and convert it to a museum.

October 2011 construction on the south side of the Skyway bridge, where the scaffolding work has created a giant metal playground. I want to see what happens when it gets struck by lightning - I am imagining the world's largest Van de Graaff generator/Faraday cage combination.

Beach Blvd. - burlington bay lift bridge - still easy access to/from skyway in case it closes due to winds (imagine what that'd do to traffic) Up onto Queen Elizabeth Way

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