Ontario Roads - James St. Swing Br.

James Street Swing Bridge, Thunder Bay

SB signs leading up to the 1909 bridge, which accommodates cars on the outside and rail on the inside per an agreement with the Fort William First Nation on the south side. (CN would just as soon not deal with the cars otherwise). James St. turns onto the bridge from the north, hence the 3rd photo.

Continuing south across the Kaministiquia River, with a train heading the other way for fun.

Get ready for some steel grating heading NB. Imagine that this bridge was part of a provincial highway, 61B, until 1999.

As the train clears the roadway, a long line of cars heads back north with me. You can see the rails are not the straightest. I don't get why there's a signal on the bridge because the train doesn't cross the roadway again. This used to be a swing bridge but I don't think it's swung in many years. In the penultimate photo you may notice a mirror, which lets the attendant in the house atop the bridge see bridge roadway traffic.

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