Ontario Roads - Gardiner Expwy.

Gardiner Expressway

All photos taken WB.

The Toronto skyline is beautiful when it's not blockaded by snow and fog. There's a CN Tower somewhere in there right next to the highway, but I got nary a glimpse as I trudged by at 90 km/h (just keeping up with the other Ontarians in the snow).

A blurry Gardiner Expwy. shield (with WEST in the middle) and a strange yellow arrow beneath, but a perfectly clear photo of a bird. How did my camera pick that out?

The Dufferin St. overpass built in the old style, with a new arch acting as a gateway to Exhibition Place. This is still on the part of the highway built as a bypass for Lake Shore Blvd. Because the Gardiner was municipally constructed, Highway 2 probably stayed on Lake Shore through the city.

The Gardiner ends here and turns into the QEW, but the QEW used to extend back from whence I came to the Humber River near downtown, thus truly connecting downtown Niagara Falls (via Highway 420) to downtown Toronto in its original incarnation. The part of the QEW (or Q.E.W., though periods are usually shunned on BGS shields) east of the 427 was downloaded to Toronto years ago, but this one exit number remains.

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