Ontario Roads - E.C. Row Expwy./old Hwy. 2/Hwy. 401 construction

E.C. Row Expressway (former Highway 2) and Highway 401 construction

E.C. Row Expwy. WB turns south and turns into Ojibway Pkwy. as it meets the future Highway 401 extension. These are the new 401 WB on/off ramps that will feed the new bridge to Michigan. Because that's a Federal project (Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority), all bridge signs are bilingual, even for the work zone.

Across from the future 401 EB ramps, Broadway St. EB is cut off as Ojibway Pkwy. is reconstructed.

Heading back north toward the beginning of the E.C. Row, well, now, this is a giveaway. At least Highway 401 East will soon be accessible (2015; I was there in 2014) but it looks really accessible right now. Then Ojibway Pkwy. turns left, E.C. Row begins, and that is definitely a U.S.A./EEUU under there to the west. And that one's interesting, because the bridge still isn't close to being completed as of 2021. In fairness, it was on track for 2016 at the time the signs were installed.

Starting east through Highway 401 construction to the Matchette Rd. overpass and future onramp to the E.C. Row. The 401 is being built in the median of E.C. Row ahead with an EB exit and WB entrance in this stretch.

You can easily see the future layout of roadways and ramps here.

As the E.C. Row Expwy. EB crosses back over the new Highway 401, you can see the first two of 12 cut-and-cover tunnels under construction. The first is a path crossing while the second goes under Highway 3 SB and Labelle St.

Last EB glimpses of Highway 401 curving to the south.

Now let's travel west through that whole work zone and see if you remember everything I taught you. You also get the bonus of a new VMS gantry on this side in the middle of assembly and a view of the Malden Rd. underpass before the highway trails off south under Matchette Rd. The WB onramp looks most inviting.

I love the symbolism of the Interstate shield for USA. The WB Emergency Detour Route is onto Highway 3, so it can't be a detour for the USA Bridge (Ambassador Bridge is privately owned, which is my guess why it's never named on signs). E.C. Row Expwy. ends not long after at Ojibway Pkwy., so I don't know where an EDR would even go from here.

SOUTH should be all caps and this sign should be replaced at contractor expense.

Lesperance Rd.- not L'Esperance, annoyingly - SB just east of the end of E.C. Row Expwy.

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