Ontario Roads - Don Valley Pkwy.

Don Valley Parkway

All photos taken SB.

Much of the southbound Parkway is signed to Gardiner Expwy., which whisks people into downtown or past it and out the west side of Toronto. Because of the snow, I'll describe it to you: Inside the Don Valley Pkwy. shield is the word SOUTH, saving space on having a directional banner. Right below it is Gardiner Expwy. with an arrow inside, again saving a banner, but then the WEST beneath it as a modifier. Problem is, there's so much space being saved that the West becomes ambiguous and ends up contradicting the South. Get rid of the arrow, swap out the West and stick a TO between the shields, problem solved.

The first bridge is but a railroad, while the second is Millwood Rd. across the entire valley and eponymous river.

The Bloor St./Danforth Ave. bridge holds the most structural intrigue, and I would argue the most beauty as well. It even carries a subway line across the valley, with a train going by in the third photo.

A much smaller overpass (Gerrard St.) and up to the end of the Parkway. Gardiner Expwy. and Don Valley Pkwy. are both city-built and maintained freeways. Gardiner, built as a Lake Shore Blvd. bypass (the original route of Highway 2), once extended a little farther east from here, but the short extension was torn down when the rest of the Expressway was rebuilt. It had been planned for a full extension out to Highway 401, but I don't believe the freeway was ever a stub, just a bypass that came back down to Lake Shore Blvd. when it was no longer needed east of downtown.

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