Ontario Roads - Lanark CR 20/Pakenham 5 Span Br.

Lanark CR 20, Pakenham Five Span Bridge

Various plaques explaining the history of the bridge. Considering what happened in 1984 was a restoration, it's a bit harsh to consider the bridge as "dying" at the age of 83.

Driving west into Pakenham, where Kinburn Side Road (CR 20) ends at former Highway 15.

Now east across the bridge, and looking south at a tranquil pond on the Mississippi River. Certainly more backwater than the real Mississippi.

Down to water level, walking south. If you don't mind getting wet, you can walk out to the center of the river, snowmelt permitting (so avoid April and May). Try that in Louisiana.

Slow rapids, facing west.

And one sunlit northerly view.

Looking north, there are three abutments from left to right. They line up perfectly with Kinburn Side Rd. before it curves hard left at Dark's Side Rd. to cross the Five Span Bridge, so I'll leave the obvious conclusion to you.

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