Ontario Roads - Prescott & Russell CR 17/old TCH 17

Former Highway 17

All photos are eastbound.

Starting from the border with Ottawa, which was formerly Ottawa-Carleton Region until the city took everything over. A majority of this county (or these counties, since technically they're a merged entity) speaks French, hence its appearance on all these signs. Since I only took photos of the old-looking signs, I imagine these were all erected by the province when this was still Highway 17, and Ontario tends to avoid signing bilingually when it can get away with it (the Capital Region is signed Federally).

Across the South Nation River in Jessup's Falls. (Praise Canada for keeping the apostrophe in place names!)

There are a couple of old alignments floating around. Now that Highway 17 has been decommissioned east of Ottawa in favor of Highway 417 (even though they are nowhere near each other), you could call CR 8 and CR 4 old alignments of an old alignment.

These face a driveway between the last two photos. Considering that this was King's Highway 17 until 1998, it's amazing how cracked the sign on the right is, and almost as amazing that there is a completely different style for the other shield that's still old enough to be cracked as well.

Onto Prescott and Russell CR 4, original Highway 17
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Modern Trans-Canada Highway 17

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