Ontario Roads - Claremont Access/Upper James St., Hamilton

Claremont Access and Upper James Street, Hamilton
(Former Highway 6)

Charlton Ave. WB under Claremont Access, one of three routes up the bluff to the top of Hamilton and the only one to ever carry a King's Highway designation.

Young St. EB, which is part of a snaky way from Charlton Ave. to Claremont Access. There's no direct connection because Charlton is too close to the base of the hill.

After proceeding up the hill, these are SB on Upper James St. (Upper signifying vertical elevation). "The Linc" has a unique logo instead of the usual Hamilton golden H. The Highway 403 shield is the curviest and least realistic I've seen, but watch out, it could be the future of highway shields if Ontario follows everyone else in simplifying the design.

Giving it all away on the signblade.

I'm sure the assembly on the other side of the Formerly 6 signblade looked like the first green "TO 6." Continuing south, there's an exit into Mount Hope that was old 6 when Upper James St. was Highway 6, making this an old alignment of an old alignment. Highway 6 now heads west and bypasses Hamilton on the 403. For the record, there are a few too many curves on that green sign, too.

More old Highway 6, Caledonia

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