Oklahoma Roads - Walnut Creek Bridges

Walnut Creek Bridges

All photos are southbound.

Our first bridge is the 1913 Walnut Creek Bridge, on Western Ave. west of Washington. It's difficult to get to and can't be crossed - any thought of walking is erased by the condition of the wooden deck. It is a 16-foot wide Parker through truss, built by the Kansas City Bridge Company.

Now the 1927 Walnut Creek Bridge, entering Washington from the north along Walnut Creek Ave., former OK 24. This is a 17-foot wide Pratt through truss, so somewhere between being 14 years newer, 1 foot wider, and Pratt instead of Parker, this bridge has survived and the other one has died. Or maybe it's because this has been better maintained, since it's so close to a town instead of out in a field on a dirt road. Though the term "better maintained" is relative, because the condition of the truss members, especially in the last photo, is far from inspiring.

Looking west and east along Walnut Creek.

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