Oklahoma Roads - US 81, US 81/66/Bus. I-40 El Reno

US 81 and 81/Former US 66/Business I-40 in El Reno

Looking southwest at a railroad trestle across the Canadian River just south of I-40.

Just some NB state-name shields in the cloudy mist.

A little clearer in the SB direction, and you get a treat on the overpass!

BL 40 began at that interchange, and follows US 81 into El Reno. It gets the full Interstate regalia with blue signs instead of green when it turns onto the path of historic US 66. To the right begins OK 66, and that's no coincidence.

Rock Island Ave., carrying all of the routes shown in the second photo, in the EB/SB direction. Technically, Business I-40 ends at I-40 just to the south along US 81. Also technically, this is not JCT US 81 because even though 81 exits, it's also on this road. "Junction" is for a road you're not yet on, which would be OK 66 (beginning straight ahead at this intersection).

Wade St. EB/US 81 SB at Rock Island Ave., where all routes turn right.

On the left side of Choctaw Ave. where US 81 NB continues ahead and Business I-40/old US 66 WB turn left. I had to shrink the second photo to reduce the ugliness of the shield, lest snakes spring forth from its grotesque head and turn the viewer to stone.

Things look a lot better on the east side of the road, and would look even better with the properly colored banners for Business I-40.

A very old style of walk signal that just uses a plain green light instead of a "WALK" message, looking south across Sunset Dr. (Business I-40/old US 66) on Choctaw Ave. (US 81).

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