Oklahoma Roads - US 75/62/OK 3

US 75, 75/OK 3, US 62/75

SB where OK 3 EB leaves US 75 - or does it? The By-Pass, on Greathouse Rd. outside Atoka, is either brand new or unofficial. If the former, this is the end of the multiplex. If the latter, Atoka has done a great job signing it.

SB (OK 3 EB) through Coalgate, ending with the crossing of Coal Creek.

NB and SB at the north end of Coalgate, shared with OK 31 (which continues on the brick road) as well as OK 3. Communism and marijuana, perfect together.

Looking north from the end of US 266 at US 62/75. Nothing special about the signage, if you don't have a sense of humor. Focus your humor on one sign in particular.

SB from there, where Business US 62/75 turn right into Henryetta on the old highway. On top of that assembly is a unique Interstate shield. Business routes are supposed to be all green, not the same red and blue as the parent route.

SB/WB on the Business (former mainline) routes into Henryetta. The town is still stuck in a time when this was US 62/75 itself.

Venturing west out of town (US 75 SB), the asphalt ends and drops you onto 100 feet of rough concrete before the smoother stuff takes over. It's a decent ride so long as the Business routes are still here. But then they run back to I-40 and the fun starts...

These images have filenames beginning with "ow," and if you try to drive this road, you'll have the same reaction. (The "o" is for "old" and the "w" is for "west" - although this is US 75 SB, the road heads due west along the path of former US 62.) Of course, if it's not your car you're driving, feel free to try to hit 60 MPH as much as you'd like. Just slow down as you get to this divided section, the former US 62/75 junction.

US 75 SB turned left here, and now it comes off I-40 at the interchange in the background. (US 62 continues west on I-40 for a few more miles, and if you'd like to continue west on the old road, click the big link at bottom.)

N. Main St., former US 75, in Kiefer, courtesy David Backlin. This is SB at W. Hazel Ave. just after splitting from modern Alt. US 75 (or US 75A by some signs). US 75 is on a divided highway to the east, making this an old alignment of an old alignment.

OK 67 EB leaving Kiefer and on US 75/Okmulgee Expwy. just southwest of Tulsa, both courtesy David Backlin and almost certainly replaced by now.

Modern "meat cleaver" shields on the parallel, former route of US 75. I can see opportunity to save a lot of space there, including the rotatable square arrows that should be dissimilar rectangles.

US 75 NB prepares to leave I-244 EB approaching Tulsa. US 75 traces the south and east sides of the city on secret I-444 while I-244 runs around the other sides. Thus during I-244 reconstruction, it's easy to close an entire roadway and have traffic go the other way around the square.

Speaking of which, this is US 75 SB (I-444 SWB - since it's not signed, I don't know which direction it chooses to run), sharing space with US 64/OK 51 WB on the south side of Tulsa. The square is also useful for detouring traffic around ramp closures - just go the "wrong" direction and back around the square.

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