Oklahoma Roads - US 59

US 59

There are only a couple of these old signs left around the state, back when people would pull off the roads in their jalopies and picnic on the side to avoid overheating the precarious engines. Well, those days are long gone, so you only find something like this on an old alignment - this is just north of Heavener.

Continuing north on the Heavener alignment.

Next one north, near Howe.

NB crossing the Poteau River, still not on modern US 59.

Venturing south from Long Lake Road on a backwoods old alignment that still has its stripes, yet is old enough to be on its way to returning to forest.

The western and eastern bridge abutments, crumbling after many years of neglect, and there's no bridge ahead over what's at best a seasonal creek and more likely just a notch in the hillside. So I turn back.

Back north on the old concrete two-lane, barely 20 feet wide (normal roadways are at least 24), to Long Lake Rd., which takes over old 59 to the north for a stretch.

The road winds up the hill for a bit and just peters out on top with no trace of the old road continuing, so this is all you get.

Another old alignment, and this one isn't even US 59. OK 141 WB curves to the left in the first photo but the old road headed straight, with US 59 in the background. The reason for the new curve is to meet US 59 at a T intersection instead of an angled cross street.

Turned the other way, facing east toward OK 141 on the old road.

Finally, photos on US 59 itself, NB. Well, if you were eagle-eyed, there's one above that was taken from the modern route of the old road. See if you can spot it.

SB button copy in the same spot, courtesy Jeremy Lance. Makes me wish I'd gone just a tiny bit farther.

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