Oklahoma Roads - US 66 - Weatherford-El Reno

between Weatherford and El Reno

All photos are eastbound.

The first photo isn't even on old US 66. It's an ancient curved sign pole on former OK 58 NB, now just county road N 2480. OK 58 turned left onto US 66 WB once upon a time.

One of the most pristine stretches of the old highway, concrete and slanted curbs intact without paint - but just how old are those truss bridges?

The wye of the US 281/OK 8 junction, and like all good Oklahoma wyes, there's an even older wye intersection inside, now in use as parking. The modern wye kept US 66 straight and improved the curve on US 281/OK 8.

Skipping the US 281/OK 8 concurrency (see big link at bottom), this is the wye at the other end as old US 66 leaves. Notice the yellow stripe in the first photo - this is a very poor realignment job to keep traffic intersecting US 281/OK 8 at 90 degrees. (They did a little better at the other end of the wye - but with so little traffic, why not just leave it all intact?)

To the end of this old alignment, which actually forms a part of a gigantic, miles-long wye itself between US 281 and this Spur US 281.

Old US 66 turns off of Spur US 281 and continues on its way on E 1020 Rd., another great stretch of road to drive fast and without other traffic.

Can they use a smaller shield? Many miles later, old US 66 comes out to Business I-40 west of El Reno at one of Oklahoma's characteristic postmiles. The top line is a numbered county reference (Canadian being low in the alphabet), the second line is a control section reference, and the third line is the mileage since the beginning of the control section. Unlike other states with reference systems, the route number is not encoded anywhere on this sign.

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