Oklahoma Roads - Old OK 3, Ada-Coalgate

Former OK 3, Ada to Coalgate

Heading east on Ahloso Rd. from US 377. This road carried OK 3, OK 99 and US 377 to the split in the last photo, where 99 and 377 headed right. I head left.

The county now maintains the former state highway, as you can see. It comes in from Ahloso Rd. to the newer old alignment, which forks from the freeway and heads toward Stonewall. Thus I have to turn left at this intersection with amazingly creative naming.

EB through the aforementioned Stonewall.

After crossing OK 3 for the first time (on the way to Tupelo), there's an old stub on the left where the new highway cuts it off. These photos head west to the end of the stub, where the road continued straight across OK 3 to what you see trailing away in the background .

Turned around and back east on old 3.

Old 3 jogs south on Eubanks Rd. This old sign remains WB.

EB up to and beyond OK 48 to another crossing of OK 3, this time from the south side to the north side.

EB to the end of the old alignment, nearing Coalgate. The trail picks up on the OK 3 page, linked below. I mean that literally, in that the trail of the old road straight ahead includes an old bridge that I've photographed on the other page.

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