Oklahoma Roads - OK 9

OK 9

OK 9 WB with US 62 and US 277/OK 76 SB. OK 76 leaves at the next left, but used to bear left here and leave earlier.

Eastbound button copy on the divided highway to the south of Norman. OK 9 used to go downtown and came out on Alameda St. These signs are old enough to be button copy and have circle state route shields, but aren't that old. I'll note that "Of" should not be capitalized in the University signs.

Now the westbound signs. Any guesses as to what was at Marshall Ave.?

Speaking of Alameda St., it turns into Alameda Drive, which then runs onto Indian Point before petering out at Lake Thunderbird. Until the early 1960's this lake was just Little River, so OK 9 had an easy crossing. Obviously, the now-unpaved (or was it ever paved?) Alameda routing was bypassed before it was flooded.

Back west from the dead end.

WB on Robinson Rd., old OK 9 on the other side of the lake.

A look eastward on Robinson.

The Pecan Creek crossing was built wide enough for four lanes, but there is no other trace of potential widening along OK 9. By the time that happens, the bridge may need to be replaced anyway.

OK 112 waves goodbye to US 271 NB and OK 9 EB on a sign with extra width. Just ahead is the Arkansas border and I-540.

OK 74 and old OK 9/74

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