Oklahoma Roads - OK 74/3, old OK 74/9

OK 74, old OK 9/74, OK 3/74

A very wide intersection where Jesse Dr. SB meets Adkins Hill Rd. outside Norman. That's because until I-35 was built just to the west, this was a major state highway junction. OK 9 and 74 came across the Canadian River onto Jesse Dr. and split here, with OK 9 bearing right and OK 74 bearing left. In other words, this is an old Oklahoma wye, now just a dead-end facing south at a minor through street. OK 74 is now a split route, with the southern segment ending at I-35 to the south and a separate northern segment that was once connected across this bridge. Thanks to Scott Nazelrod for information on this.

Heading north on Jesse Dr., which ducks off to the right on a glorified driveway because straight ahead is the now-removed bridge approach for OK 9. Yet that removal was incomplete, leaving a run of bridge piers marching into the distance and a few remaining I-beams on top.

OK 74 NB/OK 3 WB together as bestest buds. OK 3A heads east on the NW Expressway (just a regular city street, with driveways and everything) to link OK 3 to I-44. Before the state-outline shields replaced the circles, the last sign had either a centered OK 3 or a pair of OK 3 and 3A shields.

OK 74 SB, picking up OK 3 EB after the first photo (again showing the shield off-center). OK 66 East is paired with I-44 East here, and it's odd that signage wouldn't mention it because we're only talking about the Mother Road. This is the last reassurance you'll see for OK 3 for quite some time, too, which can't be any more important than OK 66 (though it is the longest highway in the state).

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