Oklahoma Roads - OK 266

OK 266

Port Rd. is a divided road from the cargo area in back of Tulsa International Airport until US 169, but as soon as it becomes OK 266, the EB roadway ends. OK 266 seems like a good location for a bypass connecting I-44 to downtown while avoiding the traffic coming in from US 412 and using I-244, so maybe it will be extended someday.

Things get ugly at OK 167. No thanks, I'll turn left.

EB through the reason for the detour, the Verdigris River bridge, with a look north at the river.

Back WB through the construction zone. The detour is helpful, but as long as the road's not closed, I'm not following it. (It seems to have diverted enough traffic to make everything work.)

But what if I had follow the ugly detour shields down OK 167? Well, I'd see more of them leading up to I-44. And this is incredibly stupid, because the arrows are pointing me to turn west in order to go east. The ideal detour would turn onto Pine St. to get to OK 66.

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