Oklahoma Roads - OK 18/US 64

OK 18 and 18/US 64

Tastes of old US 66 to be found NB along the OK 66 EB concurrency in Chandler. Click on that link if you want more.

NB in Chandler leaving OK 33 EB.

OK 18 NB/US 64 WB past the Pawnee Street Department into town. Looks like it's time for a new sign.

Agency Rd. EB from the OK 18/US 64 Pawnee intersection, over Black Bear Creek.

Back west across the creek toward downtown Pawnee.

The Ralston Bridge over the Arkansas River, one of the features of the Tulsa Road Meet. If you'd like a much larger, print-worthy version of this photo, you can click, but be warned, it's four times as wide and over half a megabyte in size. Not for the casual onlooker.

Looking north from Pawnee Nation to the Osage Reservation.

Actually, we came from the north side of the river in the first place, heading south into Ralston.

Looking west from the middle of the crossing.

Here's another related crossing, the next one west from Ralston with no known name. At the time it was built, this was OK 18W, but is now just a county road with unpaved approaches and no traffic. Crossing back from Ralston north across the river, the truss eventually gives way to a concrete viaduct over a swampy forest.

Looking east and west along the river from that bridge.

Whatever this was, it was in Shidler on the east side of OK 11/18.

Onto US 64 alone

The 2/22/10 Tulsa Road Meet
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