Oklahoma Roads - OK 11/Gilcrease Expwy.

OK 11 and 11/Gilcrease Expressway

US 77 SB with OK 11 EB north of Ponca City.

Not for much longer, this is or was on the east side of OK 18/11 in Shidler.

Main St. WB at 8th St. in Barnsdall, where OK 11 turns right. Straight ahead is "the world's only Main Street oil well," not that anyone else has ever tried to make that claim (and if it's required for the name to be "Main Street," it would be that much more difficult), dug in 1914 with callous indifference to through traffic.

EB on Main St./OK 11 through downtown Barnsdall to where OK 11 turns right onto 5th St.

Continuing east, with the truss bridge over Hominy Creek. Little Dog Threasher seems like an obvious typo, but it may actually be an official one. I have yet to find a definitive source one way or the other. And what kind of sick person names a creek after threshing or thrashing little dogs?

Eastbound in greater Tulsa.

Westbound and down the Virgin St. ramp.

Finishing up the WB button copy through the college streets until OK 11 leaves the Gilcrease Expwy. Gilcrease continues west - follow the big link below. I don't like the requirements behind signing left exits in the new MUTCD, which smack of creating a nanny state that forgives people for not thinking when they drive, but this is a tasteful way to do it.

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