Oklahoma Roads - I-244/US 412

EB into Tulsa, where US 75 NB leaves to the right at the same point US 64/OK 51 WB join. The US 412 shields are stretched versions of a 2-digit shield, and thus unacceptable, while the font used on the I-244 shield is even more unacceptable.

That same ugly font shows up on standalone shields like this and the one at top.

EB button copy on the Exit 4C ramp. The Heavy Trafficway only goes to Archer St., nothing special, so maybe this is a route for trucks and such traffic that is literally heavy.

WB at construction that closed I-244 WB between the two I-444 junctions. I could also say between the two I-444 junctions. There's a square of freeways around downtown Tulsa. I-244 follows the northern and western sides, and in order to get Interstate funding for the whole square, I-444 was secretly designated over the other sides. No one who lives there would know what 444 is. My vantage point for these photos is exiting left on Exit 6B to US 75 SB (I-444 SWB), with the WB lanes diverging to the right and passing over the interchange (the background of the second photo).

EB through the construction zone starting at Exits 5B/5C, spying on the closed WB lanes. The lanes go up and over Exit 6A, come back just before Exit 6B, then diverge again. In the last two photos, just like before I'm exiting left toward US 75 SB and the WB lanes fly overhead.

Pine St. EB at US 169. Cute, but wrong.

Part of the WB Exit 14 gantry.

Exit 5B to US 412 alone

Onto US 75
Exit 5B to OK 51 and 51/US 64
Exit 5B to US 64 alone
Exit 5C to L.L. Tisdale Pkwy.
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