Oklahoma Roads - I-240/OK 3/US 62

and I-240/OK 3/US 62

I-240/OK 3 WB pick up US 62 for the stretch run and drop it off again at an older set of BGS's. OK 3 gets short shrift here - gotta know how to follow it properly around the city. Exit 116A is of course I-44's exit numbers, but if it's an exit from I-240 it ought to have I-240 exit numbering.

WB past unusually numbered OK 77H (a spur of US 77) to a railroad overpass with original clearance stampings. Sooner Rd. should not be shown on the BGS if a destination like Tinker is also shown - one or the other, or at the very least, make them look different for clarity.

Onto OK 3 alone
Exit 1A or 4B to US 62 alone

Exit 1A or onto I-44
Exit 4A to I-35
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