Oklahoma Roads - I-235/US 77

and US 77

NB, focusing on button copy and cutting out what isn't (like the Exit 1 advance signs in the first photo) to maximize resolution on the important stuff. The shield atop the page is on 23rd St. EB just off the exit in the last photo.

Starting off SB. Once I saw how the first button copy photo came out without flash, I decided to use it for everything else. The state capitol is easily seen looking east from the viaduct.

All of I-235 is US 77, it's just not always signed that well. In fact, this is about all you get. Except for the stray Centennial Expwy. sign, all the SB button copy is concentrated in the last mile where there are plenty of exits - in fact, the first photo was taken at Exit 1G, not pictured because it's not button copy.

The route ends without any further mention of US 77. There's not even an indication that US 62 West follows I-35 South.

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