Oklahoma Roads - Gilcrease Expwy.

This is the wrong way to sign it - Tulsa strongly prefers the green circles. However, this one white square is on the two-lane stub just east of LL Tisdale Pkwy. (which uses green circles itself), so it may be a one-off that will disappear when the Expressway is extended.

After crossing 4th Ave. W, the four undivided lanes of the Gilcrease that sit on the future EB side (will be two through lanes, one auxiliary, and shoulders) widen to their correct positions, leaving a little stub of the WB side.

Part of the Gilcrease no one really knows about, a short stub that extends west of the I-44/I-244 interchange. The road comes off the freeway and runs in the right of way as a two-lane up to 41st St. S. This is ultimately planned to complete a western loop of Tulsa, connecting back around to the stub I showed you a moment ago. It appears to be OK 12 internally, based on that number used in future projects to start the freeway by grade-separating the intersections west of I-44. These signs are found EB at 44/244.

OK 11 and more Gilcrease Expwy.

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