Ohio Roads - Waldvogel Viaduct

Waldvogel Viaduct, Cincinnati

The viaduct is what happens when US 50 and OH 264 leave their expressway and drop down to River Rd. along the Ohio River (though it predates the 6th St. Expressway, which took over a small piece of it starting at the end of Mehring Way). The viaduct continues past the Lower Price Hill neighborhood and then splits into thirds, serving Warsaw Ave. to the northwest, Elberon Ave. to the southwest, and State Ave. (OH 264) to the northeast. So really, OH 264 could just stay on the viaduct, except as you'll see, those ramps are closed, perhaps permanently.

Driving the viaduct westbound. It bears a passing resemblance to the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey except this one's made out of concrete and the curb was never upgraded to a median barrier. As I warned you, the OH 264 exit is closed. (It also does intersect Warsaw and Elberon Aves. in a five way intersection, should there ever be a need to close other ramps instead.)

1940 gore signs that have had nothing more than paint touch-ups since the inception of the Viaduct in that year. These appear to be backlit at night, or at least once had that capability. I wonder if the lanterns still illuminate.

Warsaw Ave. SB at one of the beginnings of the viaduct.

Elberon Ave. EB and another set of the original white signs. The viaduct looks impressive from any angle.

Even this one. This is the base of the closed ramp from State Ave. It would go on my OH 264 page, but I'm really looking from Warsaw Ave. across 264.

Cincinnati picked a winner when it changed German St. to English St. during World War I, decades before the viaduct was under construction. After a couple of concrete-strewn blocks, it ends as River Rd. comes charging in from the right. Overhead, hanging from the 70-year old structure, is an original lantern that almost certainly has been forgotten and ignored for decades. Then again, I would have to go back at night to know for sure.

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