Ohio Roads - US 6

US 6

Button copy WB with US 20 (and OH 19 NB) outside Fremont.

On the Cedar Point Causeway/Cedar Pt. Blvd. SB, courtesy Scott Colbert. Yes, both signs are correct. The first sign is on the Causeway, and the right lane turns onto 1st St. If you continue on, though, as much traffic does, the traffic pattern changes at US 6. I don't know why Cedar Point decided to sign its exit so mysteriously. Ugly signs first photo, cool WEST shield second photo.

SB on the special road that takes traffic to and from OH 4 and US 6 near the amusement park, where it crosses US 250 and sheds a lot of traffic. Again courtesy Scott Colbert.

US 20 leaves US 6 in the center of downtown Cleveland, and US 322 magically begins. Unseen here, US 42 and OH 3 also end at this intersection, along with all the streets on the side road. It's a US 21 shield that's covered, since that route no longer exists.

US 6 EB in Andover where it joins OH 7. Judging from the shield, this sign dates to between World War II and Jimmy Carter. Straight ahead, old US 6 continues as OH 85, across the bi-state Pymatuning Reservoir into Pennsylvania. US 6 takes the long way around the top of the reservoir for no good reason. (Maybe, at some point, there was no bridge over the Reservoir, but that condition was quite temporary.)

US 6 WB just after entering the state from Pennsylvania, courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1970 with black and white film. The arrows are 1960's vintage, and notice that the Ohio outline on the OH 7 shield is distorted to match the northeastern tip to the northwestern boundary, when it really should be somewhat higher.

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