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US 52

WB in Cincinnati courtesy H.B. Elkins. Most of US 52 in the city is multiplexed with other routes - see all of the big links below. Trying to get between these two photos requires careful planning, because you cannot hope to follow signs on the ground. Once 52 and 27 meet up, they together run up Central Ave. and pick up US 42 and 127. The four routes pass through city center before US 42 breaks off and 27/52/127 all head up Central Parkway. (US 52 may as well be on I-75 for all this distance, because it's not signed at all here.) Finally, US 52 NB heads onto I-75 at Exit 3 (Bates Ave.), but US 52 SB never touches the route, given a direct ramp from I-74 to Central Pkwy. And if you're a truck, you'll have even less luck, because Central Pkwy. is one of those truck-free parkways. Truck 27/127 are bad enough, petering out in the middle of the route and then coming back at the end, but there's no Truck 52 at all.

Just after the first of H.B. Elkins' signs, Lou Corsaro provides WB (US 27 NB) views of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, which is KY 17 once it gets out over the Ohio River.

At least RIDOT makes the numerals fill the sign. Poor showing, ODOT, especially in arranging the signs to keep them all visible. This is EB at Eggleston Ave.

WB (first photo) and EB at Salem Rd. US 52 isn't even a divided highway, so there's no need for an interchange, but guess who's not complaining?

I'm sure not complaining so long as these signs are around. This one marks the end of Salem Rd.

All EB, where US 52 for some reason joins I-275 for an exit. Continuing straight on Kellogg Ave., the old route, would connect back to the new route just fine.

Kellogg Ave. WB in the same spot.

Skipping the I-275 concurrency (see one of the big links below), as I said, Kellogg Ave. comes right back to US 52.

And the reverse direction, continuing on the short freeway connection to I-275. I-275 runs east-west through Kentucky, so it avoids running that direction in Ohio (other than, of course, the top of the beltway), except according to these signs. The Ohio River really is supposed to be the corner where it turns.

Kellogg Ave. EB at the eastern US 52 junction, ending with a forced turn onto the original US 52 seen in the last photo.

Taken in 1989 by Michael Summa, he doesn't remember which town but he knows it's on US 52.

EB up to a former railroad overpass, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Remaining photos are WB courtesy Lou Corsaro. The first two distance signs are right after each other at the same interchange, as you can tell by the distance to Ironton. Bit of a waste of money/sign.

Ending in Sciotoville.

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Abandoned Torrence Rd. (from US 52)

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