Ohio Roads - US 422/US 20/OH 8/OH 14

and US 422/US 20/OH 8/OH 14

Above: old narrow reassurance (before they made wide signs) near Youngstown, courtesy Bill Donovan.

The top and bottom of the sign where US 20 WB joins US 422 WB, OH 8 NB, and OH 14 NB. They end a block later at US 6, and at that point US 322 begins to the right and US 42 begins to the left (along with OH 3, not shown here). Yes, all roads lead to Cleveland. The reason US 6/322 (east) are signed here instead of at Superior Ave. itself is so that traffic diverts around the sides of Public Square and frees up the intersection in the middle.

The accompanying old sign, US 20/422 EB and OH 8/14 SB. It's old enough to still show Ohio's use of diagonal directions for diagonal routes; OH 14 was resolved to north-south when Ohio gave up the practice. It's also old enough to have started off showing US 21, which was decommissioned in 1971 (and OH 21 pulled out of the city). (Actually, apparently these signs didn't yet exist as late as 1978, so you can thank a complete error for showing US 21 in the first place, and incompetence for not covering it for another 20 years.)

EB/SB at the southern edge of Public Square. US 20 EB turns left.

Except for the last two photos, the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr.

I-271 SB and US 422 EB, first photo partially taken by Brian LeBlanc.

US 422 WB coming into Cleveland from the far eastern suburbs. The narrow I-271 shield looks like it replaced one of normal width, but long enough ago to still be button copy. The sign also looks like it's mounted just higher enough than the other sign to throw the alignment completely off between the two. In the last photo, I-480 is another mile or so ahead, but Miles Rd. is the only interruption on the otherwise unnumbered freeway before then.

Starting EB heading away from I-271; of course the last photo is at the bottom of the exit ramp.

Continuing EB, past the end of the US 422 freeway to another freeway, the OH 5/82 bypass of Warren. The one sign not shown close up in the last three photos, the one mounted on the overpass, is in fact not button copy, and you know I therefore have no interest in it.

In Youngstown, courtesy Bill Donovan. You can see the scars where the arrow and control city were moved out of the way for a much larger freeway-sized shield.

Another from Youngstown, courtesy John Krakoff, where US 422 exits the Madison Ave. Expressway and continues on MLK Boulevard. The rest of US 422 to the east through Youngstown became OH 289, so while yes, you can turn left and U-turn onto US 422 EB, the sign should indicate that the left turn is really mostly for 289.

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Old US 422 in Youngstown, OH 289

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