Ohio Roads - US 42/27/52/127

and US 42/127, 27/42/52/127

The wooden cutout above, in Cleveland, was photographed by Brian LeBlanc and submitted by Doug Kerr.

Old signs and shields SB at the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, which carries US 42/127 SB into Kentucky and grows US 25. Whether US 25 begins at the state line or here at the left turn is up for debate, but this appears to be the only US 25 shield in Ohio.

US 42/127 NB come off the bridge, turn onto 3rd St., then turn here onto Central Ave. to join US 27/52 from Mehring Way. Central Ave. passes under 2nd St., which is where one would get back onto I-71 NB, so the Alt. route must come back up some other way.

4th St. WB at Central Ave. (27/42/52/127). Have you had enough RIDOT shields yet?

No? These are NB and SB at approximately 5th St.

US 27/52/127 go break off on their own (see big link at bottom) and head up Central Pkwy., while US 42 heads the other way on Central and ends up on Reading Rd. These signs are NB and SB before 42 gets far from downtown, second photo courtesy John Krakoff.

NB at I-71 Exit 2. I squeezed the signs together for the second photo.

Elsinore Place WB in the same place as the previous photos and US 42 SB just north of there. It's possible to get to I-471 via I-71, but it involves a quick weave across three lanes of traffic.

One of the last black on white guide signs, SB.

SB entering the next town up, the namesake of the road US 42 follows, and Columbia Ave. WB away from US 42 while in that town.

Remaining photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

US 42/224 SB/WB around the west side of Lodi. The duplex used to be routed differently - US 42 followed what is now OH 421 to Lodi Rd., and US 224 came up from Greenwich Rd. for a much shorter duplex before leaving on the same road on the west side of town.

Every shield gets the same width on the Ohio one-piece assemblies, and that's too wide. SB in the center of Medina.

NB in Cleveland, at I-71 Exit 245 (near the northern terminus, clearly). US 42, like US 62, follows a diagonal path from end to end - consider that for an east-west number, it was assigned a north-south Interstate to follow it. In the original Ohio scheme, this was one of the N-East/S-West routes.

US 42 seems to end where it first meets US 6/20, but for whatever reason, Ohio decided to still keep it running east to downtown Cleveland. That's the way the US Highway system was set up, but it's somewhat of an anachronism now. The end is signed separately from these old signs, since Ohio saw no need to include it on directional signs.

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