Ohio Roads - US 36

Ugliness here, on OH 721 SB in Bradford, and more ugliness at top, west of Urbana, both courtesy Doug Kerr.

US 36 WB leaves OH 37 in Delaware. The chevron's hiding a US 42 shield, but nothing can hide the lack of US 23 shield in the second photo. I get the feeling, since US 36 is not "TO" itself, that the wrong shield got put in.

Heading west from the center of Mt. Vernon west with a pair of state routes in tow. I only present shield photos if there's a problem with at least one of them.

Heading west toward downtown.

OH 308 NB, and looking in both directions. E(ast) + W(est) = EW!

All remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr, and eastbound after the next one.

WB button copy at the short OH 83 duplex by Coshocton (see, better).

Yes, there are nearby junctions for CR 621 and OH 621, and yes, they are the same road. 621 is a County Road through Canal Lewisville, basically old US 36, and then it turns northward, crosses current 36 (the bypass of the small town), and becomes the OH 621 that always went that way. Basically, the route number was extended to cover the old highway is all that happened.

Typical Ohio historical marker in Port Washington, not nearly as fun as the Pennsylvania keystones though.

US 36 and the parallel railroad both get truss bridges, but US 36's bridge also gets paint, east of OH 416 entering Gnadenhutten. There is no wrong way to pronounce that word, as long as you have fun doing it. Gnadenhutten.

Just like that, US 36 gets to Uhrichsville and ends. (Notice the German theme here? Pennsylvania Dutch, aka Pennsylvania Deutsch, aka German settlers, also spread west into Ohio and even all the way out to Iowa.) The last sign says END US 36, but once it would have said EAST US 36, because the highway extended with US 250 out to Cadiz. It did end as an unnecessary multiplex, but US 36 was intended to then join US 22 and follow what's now OH 151 over to Brilliant (another great name), and then WV 27 to PA 844 into Washington. The reason this didn't happen is because, as you'll see to this very day, there's no bridge there, and the FHWA didn't like assigning a US highway number to a route without a bridge. (And yet, look at US 10 in Michigan.)

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By the way, Gnadenhutten. Gnadenhutten Gnadenhutten Gnadenhutten. I'm not tired of it yet, and neither are you. In fact, I looked it up - it means Blessed Houses.