Ohio Roads - US 27

US 27

The Taylor-Southgate Bridge SB into Kentucky. Also known as the Central Bridge after the one it replaced in 1995.

Views of the Roebling Suspension Bridge (KY 17), NB with US 52 WB just after entering Ohio.

US 27 NB enters I-75 and is passed to I-74 to separate from US 127.

US 27 SB going the opposite way, exiting onto Hopple St.

Former US 27 SB at Spring Grove Ave., the former beginning of the truck route and where US 27 hopped over to Central Parkway. Truck US 127 probably comes in from Spring Grove Avenue via Elmore St., which would have made these signs on Truck 127 instead of at it, but it's just too hard to tell for certain. All I know is that this was US 27 many years ago, and the shields (or for that matter, any sign other than the overhead) have not been touched since then (early 1970's?). This may be your last opportunity to see an 18"x18" three-digit US Highway shield. It's I-74 overhead, not I-75, but you quickly merge into 75 as 74 ends.

Saving the best for last, this faces Elmore St. EB where it becomes one way WB, forcing traffic to choose between old US 27 NB or SB. I chose parking and walking out to get a photo of this sign. May I recommend doing so with a buddy? This neighborhood should not be attempted solo. Click for closeup, of both shields because as awesome as the 1950's/1960's era cutout is, so is the 127.

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