Ohio Roads - US 250/OH 13

US 250 and 250/OH 13

SB on Butler St. in Sandusky, courtesy Scott Colbert. It's a specially built road that takes traffic to and from OH 4 and US 6 near the amusement park, where it crosses US 250 and sheds its traffic.

At least coordinate the shape of the state on adjacent shields, also from Scott Colbert.

WB (OH 13 NB) through the adjacent cities of Norwalk and Milan. Now here's a proper state shape.

WB under a railroad nearing Fitchville, EB at the beginning of a brief concurrency.

US 250 EB/US 42 SB for two photos, WB/NB for the last.

I shrank the space between these WB signs so seamlessly you can't even tell! Don't look too hard. This is now an intersection, with the US 42 overpass dismantled, so all the precious button copy is gone. The first "JCT" is clearly misplaced.

US 250 joins OH 83 and then US 30 to avoid Wooster. What did Wooster ever do to you, US 250?

Town signs on the west and east sides of town.

WB through Strasburg to Wilmot, starting at 9th St.

Coincidentally, starting at 9th St. in the other direction, US 250 gets a bunch of button copy as it joins I-77 SB around Dover. The 1/8 mile distance is unusual, instead of 1/4 or 1/2 (or just JCT). Old US 250 continues ahead with old US 21.

WB through the interchange from old US 21/250 back onto US 250.

I've never seen a Business route look quite like this in Ohio, even in black on white form (on the ramp). These photo are west on the short freeway shared with OH 800 NB.

It's hard to fit all those letters on a sign, but the problem on this EB sign is somehow vertical instead of horizontal. Gnadenhutten.

WB at one more town line sign, but it's no Gnadenhutten.


You won't find town routes often in Ohio, but here's one looking south in Harrisville, Short Creek Twp. They either borrowed Harrison County's signs or this is actually the best the county can do.

Just into the state, here's the setup on the northwest corner of US 40 and US 250.

Onto OH 25 and US 250/OH 25
To US 30 and US 250/30
Onto OH 83 and US 250/OH 83
Onto I-77 North and I-77 NB/US 250 WB

Into West Virginia on US 250
To OH 2
To the Ohio Turnpike, I-80/90
Onto US 42
To I-71
Onto I-77 alone
Exit 83 to OH 39
To OH 21
Onto US 36
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