Ohio Roads - US 23

US 23

NB courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB at the southern I-270 interchange (it's a full beltway, and US 23 goes through all of Columbus) and onto the ramp, courtesy John Krakoff. Click the second photo for a closeup. It's worth it.

All inside Columbus, in German Village and across the other side of downtown, last two photos again courtesy John Krakoff. OH 104 is signed east-west here, even though most of the route is north-south, so the first photo is an error. This entrance to I-670 goes underneath I-670 EB and then stays paired with I-670 WB until I-71, where the two sides of 670 come back together again. Fort Hayes is in the middle. The way the whole shebang is laid out, both directions of I-670 are full, bi-directional freeways.

Wrong shape, NB in Worthington.

SB to North St.

NB at and past the northern I-270 interchange into the northern reaches of Columbus (which incorporated around Worthington over the years). Inexplicably, US 23 grabs the exit numbers from I-270 (yes, also "23"), clearly an error. The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

More exit number drama, southbound. The reason OH 315 wasn't signed from US 23 NB is that there's no reason to head west to continue north on a slower road, but OH 315 is a freeway from I-270 south, so it's a viable route for SB traffic.

Campus View Blvd. WB, on the left and right of the same gantry.

These SB signs (near Delaware) should be green and look the same.

US 23/US 30 SB/EB around Upper Sandusky, courtesy Scott Colbert.

US 23 NB leaves US 20 WB and joins I-75 SB.

US 23 SB leaves I-75 NB (same place) and turns right after the ramp sign in the last photo.

I-475 and 475/US 23

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