Ohio Roads - US 20 mainline

EB in Maumee, first at OH 25 and then at OH 65. The first is at the beginning of a concurrency (see big link at bottom), the second is at the end of one where US 20 turns right.

EB south of Toledo, picking up US 23 SB after the last photo.

Now WB, thus on US 23 NB as well.

In western Ohio, US 20 is a four-lane divided highway that usually necks down to a five-lane (with center turn lane) in towns, perhaps so that it doesn't challenge the parallel Ohio Turnpike as a free alternative. In the case of Fremont, though, US 20 gets a real bypass, even with exit numbers. And the exit numbers belong on the right because this is a well-built bypass with all right exits. This photo is WB with OH 19 NB, and there are more shared with US 6 (see big link at bottom).

In those towns with undivided highways, junctions usually end up with these unique advance double arrow plates at the bottom. It's a neat innovation that tells you whether the road you're coming up to goes both ways or not.

WB starting in Bellevue.

Looking north and south at the east end of the Norwalk bypass. US 20 WB merges in from the right in the second photo, but as you see in the first photo there's nothing to merge into. Ostensibly, US 250 would have joined the bypass had it continued northward from this point.

Views of the EB stub, whose pavement peters out in the median well after US 20 WB has joined the freeway, and then looking back northward where US 20 EB leaves the bypass.

US 20 exits itself from another freeway segment south of Elyria, taking this ramp along with OH 301 as OH 10 begins. Note the different shield sizes. I'll say OH 57 looks okay so that the hideous US 20 gets replaced.

Just west of that ramp, old OH 57 was on Grafton Rd. until the 1960s and these photos are northbound on that.

The SB return volley.

EB and WB on the Rocky River bridge, courtesy John Krakoff.

Skipping the US 6 concurrency (see big link at bottom), these are EB at the edge of Euclid.

WB at the same interchange.

How not to sign a state highway, EB. Toledo is not south of Cleveland. Not even close.

WB at the beginning of this long state highway. Think the Coastal Ohio Trail could become any more of an afterthought?

There's just something about this EB shield. Numbers too high, maybe? OH 535 is a loop through Fairport Harbor.

EB through Geneva, past the old Geneva Times building and the "GENEVA" building near the end (it's now a rec center, whatever it was before).

Old junction plate atop one of the new styles of shield, WB in Geneva courtesy Doug Kerr. It was made by contractors (and possibly not even commissioned by ODOT), and certainly not to the old specs. I like the new shields because they come closer to capturing the actual outline of Ohio, although this one is far too generous to Lake Erie. The eastern boundary goes farther north than the western boundary, Ohio; get used to it.

Eastbound in Ashtabula, starting at Station Ave. The first OH 11 sign isn't button copy, but notice that the "11" is green.

And westbound.

This old westbound N. Kingsville sign, courtesy Doug Kerr, isn't doing a good job of warning anyone about anything anymore. Perhaps if it had been maintained in the last 50 years, it would still function as intended. Then again, if anyone remembered this sign is still out there, it probably wouldn't be.

EB in N. Kingsville at OH 193.

Now for my own photos, WB into Conneaut past an old bridge alignment. The blue building is an old diner (Broad St. Diner) as I look down Broad St., and the OH 7 shield uses the old font.

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