Ohio Roads - US 127/27/52

and 27/52/127

US 127 starts off in Ohio duplexed with US 42, so you'll see those photos via the big link at the bottom of this page. What you see here is 3rd St. EB, the SB end of the US 27/127 truck route at US 42/127. Truck 27 only continues for another long block before US 42/127 meet US 27/52. OH 127 hopefully only exists on this one assembly.

SB scenes from Central Pkwy., US 27/127 and secretly US 52 as well. Well, a little less secretly in the last photo, though US 52 is generally unsigned for as long as it's on US 127. The photo also doesn't tell you that US 27/127 SB continue straight ahead as well. Maybe they ought to be on the pole in the foreground, because in the background you can see a "52 EAST" assembly. Yes, it should be EAST 52, but it's a lot better than SOUTH 52 with the wrong direction and font.

NB and SB old signs on the Parkway, still with all three US highways.

Colerain Ave. NB arching over the Parkway. There are many pieces of Colerain Ave., the longest of which becomes US 27 north of the city.

Hopple St. EB, courtesy John Krakoff and gone now. US 27 SB comes off of I-75 here at Exit 3 and turn onto Central Pkwy. US 27 NB uses a ramp a bit to the left, so the sign is valid. In terms of US 52, of course not shown here, the EB side comes straight off of I-74 and thus never touches I-75, while the WB side follows US 27 NB. I'm given to presume that US 52 followed a somewhat different routing until recently, based on the lack of signage anywhere.

Low-hanging button copy fruit SB at I-75 Exit 4, US 127 alone.

Spring Grove Ave. SB, Truck 27/127 as shown in the second photo (not an official DOT route, though). The Camp Washington painting on the side of the food market is locally famous, and I'll let you click on it for a closeup.

Maybe because US 224 is up on US 30, and Business 224 is right here (EB) with US 127 (NB), the 30 shield ended up being wide enough for three digits. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

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The Bailey Bridge into Kentucky (US 127/25/42)

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