Ohio Roads - OH 83

OH 83

SB at a 3-digit shield, courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 83 shares the ride with US 62 through Millersburg and past the Holmes County Courthouse. US 62 is normally signed east-west in Ohio, but it changes direction so often through the U.S. that you can forgive Ohio for the slip-up. (Also, Ohio used South-West and North-East as diagonal route designations for many years.)

OH 83 NB joins the stub of the Wooster bypass with US 250 WB. Its most natural extension would seem to be as more of OH 83.

Left and right sides of the same gantry, chopped to maintain image size of beautiful button copy. US 250 leaves OH 83 and OH 3 changes hands.

NB at I-71's Exit 204, courtesy Scott Colbert.

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