Ohio Roads - OH 82

The photo above, courtesy Doug Kerr, was taken at OH 21 in Brecksville.

Westbound button copy in fading light, all courtesy Doug Kerr. The best of the bunch is the comparison of what flash at twilight does not only to the sign, but the sky behind it.

Continuing eastward out of Brecksville, first photo at OH 8 and second photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

The old button-copy signs didn't leave enough room for the shields between the border and the text. You'd think the new signs (at the exit) would have done a better job. These are all eastbound with OH 5, with the green signs (gone now) once more from Doug.

Continuing eastbound, all courtesy Doug Kerr except the blue services sign. I'm sure there is a good reason why all of the signs in the penultimate photo are wacky, but I don't have it. It almost seems like there was an extra highway here, using OH 11 to the south and OH 82 to the east. Again, all this great stuff is gone now.

For once, ODOT does us a favor, signing an alternate route to the toll road along the free OH 82.

Not finding anything of use on the bypass, I turned my attention to the old road (Market St.) in Warren. Once past the corporate limits, there are but two structures of interest and no old signs.

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